Benefits of QR Codes for Businesses in Ireland

15th September 23

Now more than ever small businesses need a creative way to connect to their consumers. In our world, we expect everything at our fingertips, QR codes provide instant interaction between a business and a customer. QR codes have steadily grown in popularity and are a great way of sharing important information on a business brand, helping drive traffic to landing pages, and increasing engagement with customers. If you as a business have an objective, then read on to learn more about QR codes. QR codes can serve communication virtually.

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What is a QR code and how does it work?

QR code is a short phrase for “quick response” code. QR codes were invented in the 1990s in Japan for tracking automotive parts. According to search engine data, they experienced spikes of interest in 2011 and 2016. QR codes are two-dimensional barcode that stores information in a matrix of black and white squares. They can be scanned with smartphones to learn more about a brand or product. These encrypted symbols can hold discounts, vouchers, and links.

Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes provide so many solutions to our problems and concerns that we may have. Here are the many benefits of how QR codes can benefit your business.


With the added expenses for many businesses, QR codes are hugely cost-effective and free. There are so many free and simple to set up code generator websites, such as QR code generator, QR code monkey, Shopify, and more. Dynamic QR codes do have a small cost associated with them, but it is worth the upgrade for the added features such as allowing you to easily track and edit on the back end. For a business like a restaurant, you can save money on the printing of menus with the use of QR codes instead.

Increased Engagement

If your goal is to increase engagement on your website or a particular piece of content, then QR codes will be your best friend. QR codes are a game changer for marketing campaigns. They offer a seamless way to drive traffic to your website, collect user data for targeted marketing efforts, and share social media profiles. QR codes allow for better content. The URL code you encode in your QR code can have video and audio content. A user who scans your code will initially indicate that they are engaging with your information. By setting up QR codes into your product packaging, advertisements, and more, you are offering a personalised experience to the consumer, resulting in engagement and higher conversion rates.


They are Quick and Easy to Use

Utilising QR codes offers an excellent method to enhance the user experience and enable customers to swiftly access your business information. When a customer scans the QR code, it immediately directs them to the landing page without any assistance required. QR codes are highly user-friendly, as they can be effortlessly scanned by a 2D optical scanner, such as a smartphone camera. Simply point your phone at the QR code, and it will quickly and easily scan it for you.

Enhance your SEO and SMO

QR codes can enhance both SEO and SMO. If you want to create more social media following code generators can be linked to all your social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Users will be able to follow you on their platforms. With new followers come new opportunities for engagement and conversation. The ideal marketing strategy will leave no gaps. Incorporating quick response codes into your business will increase brand trust, widen your reach, and build brand awareness.

They are trackable

QR code tracking is what makes the barcodes so unique and a great marketing tool. It is a long-term strategy for every small business. The code tracking features provide a big picture of your business, this usually consists of the total scans, time of the day, unique scans, and location. It also shows what device or operating system that was used. When scanning the QR code it can also ask customers for certain information such as phone number or email. Having this data will allow you to make changes and improve your QR code's success.


They are safe to use

The COVID-19 pandemic really changed the way businesses communicate with customers. QR codes will enable a business to provide consumers with information such as filling up a form with personal information safely or sharing a menu. Contactless is the way forward. With a cashless society slowly entering society, QR code payments are a great touch-free solution for consumers to feel safe while making a payment.

There's no denying the advantages that QR codes offer to both businesses and customers. In today's landscape, substantial connections related to well-being, sustainability, and societal accountability can foster greater customer loyalty than mere cost savings. Regardless of your industry, QR codes have the potential to significantly boost your business over the long run. Begin by contemplating their potential benefits for your business, streamlining operations, and enriching the overall customer experience.

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