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Looking to grow your sales with the right marketing plan? With more than 10 years experience in the Search Engine Optimisation industry, SEO Solutions is the number 1 SEO company and PPC management agency in Dublin and Ireland.

Every day, YouTube reaches millions of users. And, through our specialised YouTube advertising service, are dedicated to helping all our clients achieve their goals. Contact us today, if you are interested in using the right strategy to boost your conversion rates.

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Use YouTube Ads To Gain Relevant Leads

When it comes to user-generated content, Google's YouTube has become one of the largest online video platforms. The platform offers one-of-a-kind opportunities in marketing and advertising in the most creative means.

SEO Solutions Dublin provides top of the range YouTube digital marketing services in Dublin and Ireland. To take advantage of these and target the growing audience on the platform, we set up custom campaigns for your brand. We find opportunities to place ads on popular videos in a variety of formats. To ensure that your video content gets more exposure, we also reach out to various channels.

Flexible Advertising

By creating unique content that demonstrates your brand's positive impact, you can grow your audience organically. We also strive to produce cost-effective videos bearing a positive message by working closely with content creators/video producers. Afterwards, these videos are released naturally to your audience through this popular platform, allowing them to engage with the content, and your brand as a whole.

Simply put, we provide flexible advertising services with the help of a custom YouTube Ad calendar.

Steadily Grow Your Brand With A Custom YouTube Advertising Campaign

As previously mentioned, YouTube has one of the biggest audiences online. As such, you need to ensure that they choose to connect with your brand. A custom YouTube advertising campaign is exactly what you need.


This process starts with us working towards establishing organic growth by creating and posting content on your channel on a regular and consistent basis.

Audience Research:

Our aim is to build more engagement with the target audience. With that in mind, we use positive reinforcement to create and maintain a connection with the audience.

Channel Research:

We review and pursue priority ad placements on relevant videos as well as paid opportunities on pre-roll and post roll ads.

Ad Optimisation:

Based on the type of audience you are looking to attract, the most likely chance of converting them as well as generating leads, your marketing/branding message is optimised.


Our team also works on a custom report that clearly states where your brand needs to be as well as a breakdown of the current progress in relation to your goals.

YouTube Traffic and Lead Generation

Based on your target audience's demographics, your targeted goals with that audience and where the message is being communicated, we create and send out highly specific messages. We strive to make sure that every message is specifically curated to appeal to the audiences that your brand/business is targeting.

Our team of seasoned YouTube marketing specialists are ready and willing to help, if you are looking to reach the largest audiences and enhance your conversion rate. As a leading YouTube marketing agency in Dublin and Ireland, we monitor individual messages and campaigns to identify what works and what needs to be refined.

Reach The Right Audience

When it comes to paid advertising on the YouTube platform, our team is highly knowledgeable. We are also well-versed in ads shown on other videos, integrated as relevant content. We also handle the sponsoring of content on other channels that cater to the same audience that your business is targeting.

Contact our team today and get ready to grow your reach and sales with the right plan!

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