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Medical and Healthcare SEO and PPC Services

We live in a digital era of branding and an internet-driven world, where people turn to the internet for their medical problems. For most patients, the internet is the go-to for sourcing information. Every industry deal with issues, but the medical healthcare sector is far more complex. Healthcare professionals face stringent regulations and complex market structures. Search engines such as Google put more scrutiny on medical-related search results because the information provided can have a substantial impact on a person's life. Did you know that 1 in every 20 Google searches is health related? Whether it's healthcare advice, searching for a symptom, or even a treatment, people will always use Google’s search engine for their information. 77% of patients use a search engine, especially Google, before booking an appointment with the local GP or a healthcare provider. Whether you run a local clinic or a large medical practice, medical SEO services are key to attracting inbound leads.

Some of the Healthcare Industries we work with:

Clinics and hospitals
GP Doctors
Diagnostic centers
Dental Practices
Home health care service
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Health insurance agencies
Cosmetic clinics
Medical billing companies
Medical supply chains
Respite care centers
Online pharmacy & Health stores
Corporate wellness
Healthcare Recruitment
Personal trainers/Gyms

Conquer Google Rankings With A Professional Medical SEO Agency

What is Medical SEO?

SEO is a short-term for search engine optimisation. Medical SEO involves the improvement of your website rankings organically through search engines such as Google for your targeted keywords and search queries. A medical SEO plan will be put together to help your website rank and show up high on the first page of Google search results. This in turn generates user traffic and organic leads. Medical SEO today considers not only the keywords, but the content quality, backlinks, online reviews, and much more. The search algorithm is constantly changing and has become smarter, so that is why it is crucial that the medical and healthcare sectors have a comprehensive SEO strategy and plan in place.

Why do healthcare brands need SEO services?

Working in the healthcare sector requires a strong level of authenticity online and being careful with service copywriting to ensure you are not misleading the audience in any way. The entire world has a growing need for healthcare SEO services. The healthcare sector is hugely competitive; therefore, SEO and marketing can help grow your business. One of the most vital elements that should go into the successful development of a healthcare website is search engine optimisation. SEO will ensure your website is found through a search engine and give your patients and customers an enjoyable experience.

  • Improve organic traffic to your website
  • Helps healthcare consumers find your website online
  • Medical/health sites are treated differently by Google since the Google medic update
  • Your brand will stand out online in this competitive industry
  • You will receive a return on your investment
  • Boosts your brand’s presence online

Benefits of medical SEO services

  • Rank higher on search engines such as Google
  • For your chosen keywords and medical terms, this content will hit the first page
  • A variety of results will be seen on Google maps
  • SEO can help your business establish authority and trust
  • Good return on your investment
  • Increases website traffic

Our Healthcare SEO Process

Being in the medical industry, local research is important. Dominate Google search results with a professional medical SEO agency like SEO Solutions. We offer medical SEO solutions that will reach your potential consumers in a timely and effective manner. We will help deliver sustainable and profitable growth through your website and search channels. Rank higher and attract relevant healthcare consumers with our research-based approach to healthcare SEO.

Medical SEO audit

The first important step in the process to improve your website is an SEO audit of your healthcare website. Our team will run a comprehensive audit to establish how your site is currently doing online.

Our SEO audit will also check the following:

  • On-page SEO structures
  • Page speed
  • Site security report
  • Overall website health score
  • Page content analysis
  • Broken Links
  • Competitor analysis
  • Offsite backlinks
  • Technical SEO issues

We can tailor a marketing campaign to improve the overall performance of your site. Our effective plan will give your site a greater opportunity for higher ranking on search engines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part and the foundation of all healthcare SEO campaigns. If you want your business to be successful online, it is important to choose the right appropriate keywords for website optimisation. Our team will research and identify what keywords are best suited to your business.

Local, national, and international medical search engine optimisation

Local SEO is important to medical practices as most of the local healthcare service business comes from your community area. We know that the healthcare sector is fierce with competition and our SEO process and in-depth analysis will find out what works for you. We know and understand how important accurate and consistent information is to enhance credibility, boost visibility, and build trust with your local audience. Our healthcare SEO strategies will improve the visibility of your healthcare business for local, national, and international SEO, no matter how many locations you have or want to target.

Content and tailored medical niche backlinking

Having high-quality content is hugely important on your website. It shows your current and potential patients that your business knows its stuff and it also helps your site rank better on Google. Our SEO company will boost organic visibility and improve conversions with content suggestions along with optimised keywords that matter the most to your business.

High quality health niche links are the backbone of a successful healthcare SEO campaign. Our company naturally sources only niche, relevant, and high-quality links.

Why Choose SEO Solutions as your healthcare SEO agency

We are a talented and passionate digital marketing company that specialises in SEO for healthcare sectors. Our results-driven attitude and one-of-a-kind approach allows us to bring high quality and outstanding results for all your SEO needs.

Our agency also specilises in similar niches such as Pharma SEO and science niche websites.

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