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Comprehensive Migration Services to Keep your Rankings Intact!

Migration comes in many forms. Our migration services are designed to keep your rankings intact and cater to any of your migration needs. From wiring up an old website to a newly rebuilt website or redirecting an old domain name to a new name, we have you covered!

Hosting Providers, Servers, And Domain - We can help you migrate your website from:

an old domain to a new one
(for example, to

an old subdomain structure to a new one (“” to “”)

an old top-level domain to a new one (from a .org domain to a .com domain) and even protocols (http to https

Across Any Content Management System - We offer migration services within and across different CMSs. Our website migration team will help you migrate your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or WooCommerce website to the same CMS or a different one.

Migrating Complex Web Assets - Our team of migration experts are experienced in migrating highly complex website such as custom e-commerce website. We are your to-go-to solution for migration of complex websites that feature advanced sales and marketing integrations.

What Our Migration Services Entail

With years of experience migrating websites, we've streamlined our migration services to meet our customers' needs and expectations. Our migration services are characterised by:

#1. Seamless Data Transfer And Transition

Over the life of any website, it accrues massive data. From the link structure that forms the foundation of your website to your site's content, there is a lot of data tied to your website that you don't want to lose. It's important to note that this data loss could negatively impact your website's SEO, search ranking, traffic, and overall performance.

During the transition period, we'll keep your site running as usual until you want to migrate your website to the new server. After thorough preparation of the new server, we'll make the switch in a manner that negates downtime, even as the DNS propagates. Our goal is to keep your website serving your traffic without your traffic noticing any change.

#2. Guarding Your SEO And User Experience During Migration

Whenever you perform a website migration, the greatest concern is the impact the migration will have on your SEO. When migrating your SEO, we make a concerted effort to ensure search engines continue to rank your content and your web pages appear among the top links in search engine results pages.

To mitigate the risk of traffic loss, we perform a wide range of tasks in preparation for the migration, during and after the process is complete. These include:

  • Duplicate content removal
  • Page inventory and URL crawl of the original site
  • Benchmarking of the current analytics
  • Comprehensive URL redirect mapping
  • Page canonicalisation
  • Internal link surveys and updating
  • Backlink updates
  • Site move verification with search engines, especially Google
  • Analysing website ranking and visibility benchmarking

By taking such an elaborate approach to migrating your SEO, we aim to ensure your website is in the best SEO shape, if not better after the migration process is complete.

Migration Timelines

Migrating a website is not a brisk endeavour that ends in a matter of hours. The migration process can take a week or two or even a month. As you can appreciate, there are numerous parts and elements that need to be copied accurately, re-installed, and re-configured in the new server.

What informs the migration timeline is the size and complexity of your website as well as how fast every client wants their website migrated. If you need priority migration, talk with our migration specialists, and we'll let you know how quickly we can migrate the site.

Laying The Foundation For Future Growth

Understandably, no business elects to migrate their website for the sake of it. There must be a specific goal you intend to achieve. You might need a faster server to improve the page experience. You might need a hosting plan with more bandwidth that can effectively serve more customers and clients.

Whatever specific goal you might be looking to achieve, you ultimately want to grow your business and improve its profitability. Our migration services aim to help companies lay the foundation for long-term growth. Importantly, we focus on assisting companies in maintaining their existing gains (such as retaining your traffic) while migrating.

Migrating should not be a step into the dark but a structured move into a bright future.

Contact us today for expert website migration services.

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