How to get an SEO Grant in Ireland?

31st October 23

The COVID-19 Pandemic had a devastating impact on the economy in Ireland and worldwide. Many businesses struggled to stay open but today we see a huge change. The Irish government put in some good measures to protect our economy and one of these measures is the Trading Online Voucher Scheme. The TOV is an initiative of the local enterprise offices across Ireland. The aim is to help small businesses get their business online and to help existing Irish SMEs update their website and help with the overall Digital online marketing. The online trading voucher scheme offers financial assistance of up to €2,500. The LEO voucher is available to every type of business in any industry.

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What is the LEO Trading Online Voucher?

The Local Enterprise Office online trading voucher is available for businesses in every industry. You must be in business for at least a year and be intending to trade online. The grant program provides financial support to small businesses, offering them up to €2,500 in assistance. Businesses are required to contribute 10% of the funding to improve their online trading capabilities. By offsetting up to 90% of the expenses, this program renders the investment remarkably budget-friendly, presenting a valuable opportunity for numerous small businesses that should not be overlooked.

The second modification to the grant program allows businesses that have previously obtained a Trading Online Voucher to seek a second voucher, enabling them to enhance their online trading capabilities even further.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for the voucher if:

  • If you have 10 or fewer employees
  • Turnover less than 2M
  • You must provide proof of trading for at least 6 months
  • You have products that you sell online
  • Must be in the area covered by LEO to where you are applying

What can the Vouchers be Used for?

The TOV can be used for many different online activities to help improve your online trading. Digital marketing, ongoing SEO, digital training, and app development.

It can also be used for purchasing internet-related software, IT consultation, and skilled training development specifically to manage and establish online trading activity.

Digital Marketing Grant

On receiving the grant for SEO and digital marketing. A business can hire an SEO company to take over your marketing side of the business and rank your website on Google with SEO techniques to help increase your organic search traffic to your website. SEO is a cost-effective solution to ensure your website ranks naturally and organically well.

The Benefits of SEO for Your Business

If you are looking to expand your business, increase long-term traffic to your business, and earn more revenue, then SEO is crucial for your online business. There are many benefits of SEO for your business, these include:

Brings Organic traffic to your website

Organic traffic is viewers who have found your website through a search engine like Google. Your website must be properly optimised for this traffic to be achieved. With the right SEO strategies and SEO company, your business can achieve this.

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Builds Trust

Building customer trust takes time. It is important to invest in quality content for the reader to trust your business. Engagement takes time, but it should pay off with a bigger market share and higher rankings in search results. Create content that people will share, in turn creating awareness around your online business.

It can help you rank better in local searches

80% of searches on mobile lead to conversions. Implementing local SEO tactics can draw in searchers who are frequently in a buying mindset. The initial move towards initiating local SEO strategies involves setting up a Google My Business account.

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