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08June 2020

With the internet evolving, having better protection for your website is on the increase. For many years now, Google has worked hard towards making the internet safer to us and by encouraging all users to use the HTTPS protocol. This will ensure that the data sent from your computer to the site that you are using will have a browser that is encrypted and securely transmitted. As of 2017, Google set up a newer SSL certificate requirement that compels websites that capture customer information via login areas or forms to have a secure SSL cert. Cybersecurity poses a major challenge to online businesses where your website and sensitive information is exchanged. Read on to learn why it is important to have an SSL certificate for your website.

What is an SSL Cert?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. It is a security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a browser and web server. The encrypted link will ensure that all information that is passed between the browsers and the web-server remains private.

The foundation of a secure internet is by having an SSL. It gives protection to all sensitive information as it travels across the internet. Even if you do not have sensitive information like credit cards, it is still essential for protecting your website. The cert provides security, data integrity for both visitors personal information, and privacy to the website.

Increases the Security of your Website

The certificate will protect your sensitive data information that is transferred to and from your website. This data can be signups, addresses, payments, login details, and personal information. The connection will be encrypted by the SSL certificate in order to protect your visitor's data from being misused by attackers.

Provides Safety for your Sub-domains

Your website subdomains can be secured with a different type of SSL certificate called a wildcard. It is very useful for maintaining a large website with numerous subdomains or if you own your own business. With a basic SSL, you will have to install individual certificates for every one of your subdomains.

Trust and Credibility for your Consumers

SSL certs are vital from a customer's point of view, it will help gain the visitor’s trust. A security lock will show up on your website in the address bar on the browser you are using. This will show that your connection is secured and it will show the visitors to your website that your website and privacy are secure. Many browsers will label your website as unsafe if you do not have an SSL certificate present.

It Provides Authentication

Having an SSL certificate present will provide authentication to your site. This simply means you are secure and sending the information to the right server and not to a hacker who is trying to steal your information. It will be a lot harder for any online thieves to pretend that they are a reputable business.

SSL Certificates are Necessary for Online Payments

Your website must be PCI compliant if you want to receive payments online. If you own an e-commerce site and you want to be able to take credit card payments, you must have an SSL certificate installed on your site.

It Provides SEO Advantages

If you get an SSL certificate installed on your website, you will see much improvement in SEO rankings for your site. Websites with encrypted connections will receive a slight boost in website rankings from Google. A website with a certificate installed will have a slight advantage over website who do not have it.

Maintaining an online presence can be difficult if you don’t have an SSL certificate now is the time to get one. In the world of online shopping, membership logins, daily hackers, and contact forms, having an SSL is essential for your website. It shows that your website and company is secure, trustworthy, and legitimate.

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Posted by Connor | Posted at July 19,2018

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