Tech Events in Ireland 2024/2025

27th February '24

In our ever-evolving world and fast-growing digital era, technology continues to play an inseparable part in our daily lives, revolutionising how we engage with the world. The Irish economy is in a positive position at present and is well on the way to becoming the tech capital of Europe. Ireland is home to nearly all the largest multinational tech companies. These companies are focused on deep technology. As we step into 2024, the influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) promises a whirlwind of advancements across various industries. It is necessary for any tech business looking to succeed in navigating the dynamic world of technology events. This entails strategic deliberations regarding the selection of networking events, technology conferences, and industry gatherings to engage in or sponsor. Our inclusive guide to tech events in Ireland for 2024/2025 offers you the chance to enrich your understanding and broaden your perspectives.


Why it’s important to attend tech events?

Tech conferences and events are dynamic hubs where innovation intersects with inspiration. They foster the exchange of ideas, encourage collaborations, and offer a platform to keep up with the latest industry trends. Participation in these gatherings isn't merely about acquiring knowledge; it's also about building relationships, uncovering emerging technologies, and gaining insights that can drive your business toward success.

Different event types

Trade shows


A summit is a smaller version of a conference and is composed of higher-level executives. Summits offer a blend of learning, showcasing, and high-level networking, making them some of the world's biggest tech events.


Conferences focus on sharing knowledge and research. They prioritize education rather than action. They educate, inform, and or train attendees. A tech conference often includes professional speakers helping people network and improve their skills.


Seminars are a smaller version of a conference and are usually held in 1 day. A tech seminar is usually hosted by companies and industry specialists to teach attendees about a specific subject, useful practices, and pieces of technology. Seminars are the best way to improve your reputation and increase brand awareness.

Trade shows

Trade shows give companies in a specific industry the opportunity to showcase their products and services. Trade shows generally require a screening process for buyers, company reps, and the press.

Let's now dive into the Top Tech Events in Ireland in 2024/2025

Drone Summit

Date: 1st to 2nd of March

Location: RDS Main Arena Dublin

The drone summit focuses on the advancements in drone technology, including software and hardware solutions. It is a 2-day event. Explore the impact of autonomous, AI, and AAM systems, as well as the future of satellite navigation. You will be allowed to engage with industry suppliers and experts in this rapidly evolving and growing field. This event comprises two distinct sections: a ticketed segment featuring seminar rooms hosting talks by prominent figures within the drone industry in Ireland, and a free-to-attend drone exhibition showcasing live demonstrations. The evolution of drone technology, coupled with robust software solutions, is becoming indispensable across various industries and service sectors. This progress not only facilitates expansion but also unlocks fresh market opportunities for numerous companies.

WIPM Summit

Date: 7th of March 2024

Location: Convention Centre Dublin

The WIPM Summit serves as a pivotal platform for women in project management to convene, fostering opportunities for networking, skill refinement, and community engagement. It plays a crucial role in advancing our profession by providing a space for professionals to connect, learn, and contribute to its development. The tech event summit will be held in the convention center in Dublin for 1 day and will feature inspiring thought leaders and industry-leading speakers. Tickets for this conference can be purchased on the website.

Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2024

Date: 18th April 2024

Location: Leopardstown

Renaissance, the foremost IT security distributor in Ireland, is thrilled to declare the revival of Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2024! This event serves as a convergence point for the entire cyber ecosystem, uniting resellers, exhibitors, IT specialists, end users, and visionary business leaders. Together, they will explore strategies to effectively mitigate security risks and safeguard their enterprises. At Cyber Con Ireland, attendees will gain invaluable insights through real-world case studies showcasing technology applications across various industries. Moreover, they'll have the unique opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with multiple Security Experts, receiving personalised advice, guidance, and solution demonstrations - all conveniently located under one roof and requiring just a few hours, making it an exceptionally efficient and fruitful use of time. The Expo extends its invitation to both IT Trade professionals and End Users within the Irish market. With a deliberate emphasis on drawing value-added partners, the event aims to showcase the applicability of Data Security and Compliance solutions to SMBs and Corporate Users. Attendees will discover how these solutions can facilitate the development and fulfillment of GDPR and other regulatory mandates within their organisations.

Dublin Tech Summit

Date: 29th and 30th of May 2024

Location: RDS Dublin

Dublin Tech Summit is Europe's fastest-growing tech festival held in the RDS, Dublin. The Dublin tech summit attracts the world's most influential tech and business leaders to Dublin for 2 days of growth and development, innovation, knowledge sharing, networking, and debate on the latest trends. The annual conference brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders to exchange ideas, showcase cutting-edge technology, and explore the future of the tech industry. With panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, this DTS offers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and stay ahead with the latest and modern trends. DTS delves into a wide array of themes and subjects, ranging from emerging technologies to diversity, and from scaling for startups to various other pertinent topics. It has fostered a vibrant community comprising innovators, co-founders, developers, investors, startups, and C-level decision-makers, all dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible solutions and driving global impact. With participation from over 10,000 attendees representing 70 countries, featuring 200 dynamic speakers addressing today's pressing issues, and drawing the attention of 300 global media representatives, DTS has emerged as an immensely appealing platform for leading brands and companies worldwide to accelerate their growth. Its influence extends far beyond the Irish market, resonating across the globe.

Women in Business and Tech Expo

Date: 17-18 September 2024

Location: RDS Dublin

Women in Business Tech Expo stands as a paramount hiring event in the industry, catering to individuals aspiring to excel in their professional journeys and expand their enterprises. This acclaimed event, spearheaded by women, offers a wealth of inspiration, guidance, recruitment prospects, and services aimed at propelling your career forward, irrespective of your stage within the technology and business domains. It is an award-winning female-led event. This women and tech expo offers visitors the opportunity to learn how to progress in tech or enter the field, explore new career options when returning after a break, find employers that empower their female workforce, launch a new business, learn how retraining, upskilling, and reskilling could change your career path, discover companies invested in the success of women at work, examine franchise opportunities to fit your life goals, discover companies invested in the success of women at work, and connect with companies that champion women.

JSCONF Ireland

Date: 25 and 26 September 2024

Location: Royal Marine Hotel, Dublin

The JS Conference is a tech conference dedicated to the Java Script community in Ireland. It is a two-day event dedicated to those Java script communities featuring over 350 attendees and some of the best local and global Java script professionals and organisations. JSConf Ireland brings together Ireland's vibrant JavaScript community for an exhilarating two-day event. Attendees can expect engaging discussions spanning a diverse range of topics, from DevOps and machine learning to GraphQL accessibility and the latest JavaScript innovations. With a spotlight on popular frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, as well as insights into Node.js development, web performance optimisation, and progressive Web Apps, the conference promises an enriching exploration of the dynamic world of JavaScript and its applications.

2025 Tech Events in Ireland

OCP Regional Summit

Date: 30 April - 1 May 2025

Location: Dublin

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