What Are The Industries That Need SEO The Most?

21st Dec 22

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of any successful business in today's competitive landscape. With consumers researching businesses online and even doing their shopping online, it's increasingly important to ensure your business is well represented. You need your business to rank as high as possible for competitive keywords and phrases within your industry of operation. Otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of potential traffic and market share. However, SEO does require a lot of hard work and dedication. That's why so many businesses are outsourcing it to professional companies that can put in the necessary attention to detail needed to succeed. Not convinced your business needs SEO? In this article, you will learn about some of the industries that need SEO the most.

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What Industries Need SEO The Most?

1. The Service Industry

One of the most important industries to utilise SEO has to be the service industry. Why is the service industry so reliant on SEO? Well, for one, it's incredibly competitive. Not only is it highly competitive, but service companies generally rely on search engine traffic to get their leads. Relying on paid traffic as the primary source of lead acquisition for your service business can increase your lead acquisition costs to unsustainable levels. As a result, you need to work those costs down by driving more traffic from organic sources. Whether social media or SEO, you need more prospects entering the lead funnel without paying incremental costs for them. The best way to do this is by leveraging the power of SEO. Getting your website ranking as high as possible for local service keywords can skyrocket your conversions and increase your bottom line directly.

Anyone that needs plumbing, garage door repair, or something else is going to go directly to their favourite search engine to find the various options in their area. Nowadays, consumers are more reliant than ever before on search engines to deliver quality leads. If you aren't ranking competitively for various "buying" local keywords, you will miss out on a lot of potential quality traffic.

2. Brick and Mortar Businesses

Any business that owns a brick-and-mortar location is going to want to invest heavily in its SEO efforts. Much like getting a prime spot for your retail store, getting positioned high within the search engine rankings can improve the chances of your business succeeding. You need to achieve high rankings if you want to decrease the costs it takes to acquire a customer. Even though you will still get a lot of people going to your brick-and-mortar store because they physically pass by it, those customers are a dying breed. More and more customers' first interaction even with brick-and-mortar businesses is online. Your website becomes your most important storefront. Thus, you need to get it out there and generate even more awareness with it. While having prime real estate is excellent for your brick-and-mortar shop, you need to place the same emphasis on getting a prime spot on page 1 of the search results. Unless you are selling high-ticket items, you likely want to drive your customer acquisition costs way down. Thus, you cannot simply rely on paying for ads to achieve high placement.

3. Restaurants

Anyone that operates in the restaurant industry likely sees how things have changed over the last decade or so. When you are considering going out with your friends or family, you likely reach for your mobile phone and type whatever you are looking for into the search engines. This gives you a list of different restaurants in your vicinity. As a restaurant owner, you want your restaurant to rank as high as possible for someone searching for places to eat locally. Unless you have been integrating effective SEO tactics into your marketing mix, it's unlikely you will rank well. Instead, your competition will be ranking better and stealing a lot of your customers from you. This can be detrimental to a business that relies heavily on filling tables. It's also impractical to expect to spend money on every customer you acquire. Thus, relying on paid advertising in the form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is unlikely to be sustainable. You need to get your website ranking as high as possible for your respective niche. For instance, if you own a pizza shop, you want to be ranking high when someone searches for "best pizza places near me." This can help you get a ready/warm prospect to your site where they will be more likely to convert into a paying customer.

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4. Legal Industry

The legal industry is another highly competitive industry. It's an industry that is extremely competitive with law offices and attorneys willing to spend a lot of money to rank higher. Why are they willing to spend so much to achieve a higher ranking? Because their services are high priced. Thus, any lead they can drive to their law office is going to be worth a lot of money. This is why this industry has such high bids. You will find this niche to have ads that can cost upwards of €100 per click. However, that €100 could turn into €20,000 in value if you acquire that client. While lawyers and law offices can certainly allocate more of a budget towards paid advertising, they can achieve the same kind of results through organic means by integrating effective SEO strategies into their marketing mix.

If you are a legal service, you will want to invest heavily in your SEO efforts because it's highly likely that your competition is doing it. You need to do so to remain competitive with the other legal offices and lawyers in your area. You'll want to focus on localised searches. That way, you can get your site ranking as high as possible for potential clients in your area that are looking for legal expertise. They are more likely to hire someone that specialises in offering legal counsel locally.

5. Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is another one of those industries that are so competitive. It's one of the most competitive industries you'll find anywhere. There are so many people fighting for their slice of the pie. Whether it's real estate agents, brokers, housing companies, or something else - they are all vying for the top spot within the search engine rankings. Why? Because it's incredibly valuable. When prospective home buyers are starting their search, they are likely going to do it online. They are going to start by heading to their favourite search engine and looking for different options available to them. Therefore, as a professional or business in the real estate industry, you want to be easily locatable within search engines. You want to rank as high as possible to position yourself in a way that helps you attract and gain these clients.

6. Beauty Industry

Any business that caters to self-care is another one that is going to want to rank high within the search engine rankings. This can include nail shops, med spas, hair salons, and more. All of these places rely on driving traffic to their place of business. They cannot rely solely on foot traffic. They need to spend money on paid advertising and more. However, one of the best ways to actively market these businesses is by doing so within search engines. If you can get your beauty business ranking high within the search engines, you position yourself to capture a lot of the market. For instance, if you have a hair salon and you get your salon's site ranking high for "best salons near me," you will get a lot of ready-and-willing customers visiting your site and booking appointments. It not only decreases your customer acquisition costs, but it can help increase the awareness of your business and more.

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As you can probably tell, there is no single industry that needs SEO. The truth is, every industry needs to implement effective SEO strategies for long-term success. However, it's become even more important for businesses that have high fixed costs. If you are paying rent for your business and you have a lot of high fixed costs, you need to find ways to drive down customer acquisition costs. The best way to effectively do this is by increasing your organic reach. The traffic you drive from search engines won't cost anything. After all, it's organic traffic that you are driving to your website without paying for it. This can help you lower your customer acquisition costs and it can help you position your business as an authority within the industry. These things can help to enhance brand trust, improve your metrics, and increase your bottom line. All of these things are necessary if you want to focus on the long-term survival of your business. The landscape is only getting more and more competitive. You need to do things that give you a competitive advantage over the competition. When you are getting a lot of buying traffic to your site for free through high rankings, you will have a major competitive advantage over the businesses you are competing against.

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