The 7 Best Mobile SEO Apps for Android in 2023

18th May 23

SEO is vital for increasing web visibility and traffic to your website. Traditionally, working on the SEO of your website or content meant using a proper workstation and a work environment, which is admittedly not always accessible.

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With mobile phones getting larger, more powerful, and more sophisticated, SEO work is now finding its way onto mobile screens. And as complex and multi-dimensional as SEO practices can get, businesses are gradually realising that it may be helpful to be able to do this work while on the go since SEO trends are constantly changing.

This is where Mobile SEO apps come into play. Mobile SEO apps have emerged as indispensable tools for webmasters and digital marketers in ensuring the success of websites through SEO. These apps essentially help you stay connected with your website without all the often confusing numbers and layouts that fill an SEO dashboard desktop screen.

The following are the best mobile SEO Apps for Android handpicked for 2023. Each of these apps should help you better analyse your content and provide valuable insights for overall better search engine rankings.

1. Google Analytics

This is a must-have app for SEO on mobile. It’s 100% free and essentially provides all your existing Google Analytics data on your smartphone in an organised way. With the Google Analytics app, you can monitor all your site's analytics properties through your Android phone.

You can then use this to analyse real-time data, compare date ranges, check key metrics within the in-built reports, and use segments. The app lets you correlate your SEO data with your revenue, provides KPIs like time on site and total page views, and lets you compare different metrics from different time frames.

While this data can be a bit overwhelming at first, when you account for the usefulness of the information the app provides, it’s worth the rather steep learning curve. The information you get is as detailed as you will get from an app, so it’s worth having.

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2. SEO Check

This is an Android app designed to help you assess and audit your website’s on-site SEO. SEO Check comes with features that let you check things like page quality, meta information, inbound links, headings, server configurations, and external factors of your website. When you enter your site into the app, it starts analysing the quality of your content.

One of the best things about this app is that it will thoroughly point out wherever you have not followed SEO best practices, and then provides you with insights and tips for making the content more SEO friendly. It also comes with additional SEO tools like backlink checker, keyword checker, and ranking checker, all of which provide all the related information using the same app, saving you time and effort.

3. Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner provides several helpful features for analysing your website. It assesses the traffic referrals from social media, headers, and indexed pages, along with your site’s loading speed. It also lets you search for potential traffic and the Cost per Click for specific keywords and suggestions. You could check your rank in search engines, analyse the external and internal links, and much more. Keyword Planner also generates free tags that can help you optimise your website based on SEO best practices. It also offers insights into backlinks.

However, while the app provides a lot of features for free, you have to see and go through a lot of ads to reach the information you need.

4. SEO SERP Mojo

SEO SERP Mojo is essentially an Android app that gives you a detailed analysis of your website based on SEO principles. You can track an unlimited number of keywords and URLs using this tool. It also lets you see a complete ranking history of all the keywords being tracked. Once you install the app, it provides you with new rank updates every day.

The app is 100% free and doesn't serve any ads or have limitations. Still, you could opt for the Pro Feature, which essentially analyses your data in the background and gives you automatic updates about your rankings without needing to open the app. It also offers additional insight into the ranking positions you have gained or lost in relation to the keywords you use.

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5. ranKED

ranKED is an app designed to automate SEO tasks by analysing your website’s selected keywords and the corresponding ranking across different niches and search engines. It lets you design custom SEO plans and target your visitors and audience much better.

ranKED is aimed at becoming your one-stop source for all your SEO needs. It’s effectively a multi-platform app that helps you stay on top of your domain’s ranks automatically. The platform evaluates the performance of the SEO strategies you have in place and can help you improve them based on rank history, keywords, and analysis.

The app is available in two versions. The most basic version is provided as a 7-day trial and allows you to test one domain, 10 keywords, and just a few more features. The premium offering has several plans based on the amount paid. You could test unlimited domains and a maximum of 1000 keywords.

6. SEO Checker

SEO Checker lets you take advantage of a variety of SEO tools like SEO comparison, keyword checker, backlink checker, and ranking checker. These tools are designed to help you figure out areas you might have overlooked in your efforts to improve your site.

The keyword checker tool lets you find out the keywords that are driving the most traffic, while the comparison tool lets you compare the performance of your site to that of your competition. The ranking checker lets you track the search engine rankings of your site, while the backlink checker lets you see which sites are linking to your site and the quality of those links.

7. SE Ranking Pro

This app is designed to be the ultimate tool for improving and managing your site’s SEO. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in SEO, the app provides a range of features to let you boost your search rankings.

With SE Ranking Pro, you can perform real-time site audits, develop detailed marketing plans that account for SEO strategies you have already undertaken, and help you discover the areas you still need to improve on. One of the key features of the app is the in-built keyword ranking tool. The tool gives you live data on your site’s rankings so that you can see how your site is performing in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Additionally, SE Ranking Pro provides support from a team of SEO and marketing specialists, who are always available to answer all of your questions and provide helpful tips. Whether you want to create marketing plans, analyse your site’s search performance, or track your keyword rankings, this app provides all you need.

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User-friendly yet powerful, the Android SEO apps listed above can help monitor and analyse your SEO efforts while on the go. If you’re wondering which app will be best for you, consider your goals first. Are you looking to know how many people are visiting your site through mobile phones vs desktops? If this is the case, Google Analytics might be best for you. However, if you want to get a full picture of your website performance, you could use Google Analytics and any other tool on the list that serves your needs.

All in all, these apps can save you time and effort with your SEO efforts, and help you generate actionable reports to help you improve the performance and ranking of your website. Just choose the one you like and enhance your SEO journey. Good luck!

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