Click-Through Rate Explained - Is it Important for SEO?

8th May 23

If you run a business, your primary goal is to attract customers and grow your venture. A great way to achieve that in this day and age is by creating a useful and engaging website for your audience. But how do you determine if your site is actually helping your prospects? That is where Click-Through Rate (CTR) comes into the picture.

CTR is a metric common in the marketing space. It often comes up when talking about search engine optimisation (SEO). But what exactly does it entail? Is it a ranking factor? What is its importance in SEO? If it matters how can you increase the number of organic clicks?

In this comprehensive read, we are going to answer all these questions in a casual and easy-to-understand manner. So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned SEO expert, this information should come in handy in creating a strategy that boosts your CTR and SEO ranking.

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What is Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rate (CTR) is a term used in online marketing that measures the percentage of people who clicked on a specific link, call-to-action (CTA) or advertisement out of the total number of those who viewed it.

Simply put, CTR is a means to measure the number of people who see something actually click on it. For example, if 100 people saw your ad and 5 of them clicked on it, the CTR would be 5%.

Is CTR a Ranking Factor?

CTR has been a controversial subject in the SEO community for a while. A test conducted by Rand Fishkin in 2014 showed that it might be a ranking factor, leading to experiments with click volumes and search results manipulation. However, Google engineers came out and dispelled the statement. They stated that click numbers are extremely easy to be deemed a direct ranking factor. After all how easy can it be to purchase clicks to a page to help it drive up the rankings?

So, No! CTR does not help improve rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP). However, it is still advisable to optimise content and pages with the metric in mind. CTR is important in digital marketing as it helps marketers and advertisers understand the efficacy of their campaigns in engaging their target audience and getting them to take action, whether it is a ranking factor or not.

Is CTR Important for SEO?

The primary goal of any SEO campaign is to rank high for relevant keywords. Appearing on the first page of a certain keyword is great, but what happens after people see your snippet is even more important. Impressions are good, but it all boils down to attracting people to your site. The more traffic you receive, the higher the chances of getting new subscribers or conversions and even hitting other essential key performance indicators (KPIs). That’s why getting more people to click on your page when it appears on a search engine result page is where the SEO efforts reward you.

Note that there is a link between how high a page ranks and the number of people that click on it. While CTR is not a direct ranking factor, it is clear that a page that appears first on the SERPs will get more clicks compared to the subsequent links. Long-tail and branded keywords are also more likely to be clicked while the average click-through rate varies depending on the search intent and niche. However, if your site appears on the top three results, you have a substantially higher chance of getting a click than if it ranks further down.

Click-through rate is important for search engine optimisation as it measures both the quality and relevance of your content. When your site gets a high CTR for a particular keyword on a consistent basis, it is an indicator to the search engines that your content is valuable and relevant to that term, thus increasing the chances of your site ranking higher, leading to more organic traffic and prospects. On the contrary, a low CTR can affect your SEO as it may be a signal that your content is less valuable and relevant that other results, leading to a lower ranking, fewer organic clicks and ultimately fewer prospects.

Tips to Improve Your CTR

One of the best aspects of SEO is that there are numerous opportunities for improvement. Improving your click-through rate through the best SEO practices is a viable strategy that can grow your business. That said, here are some tips you can start to implement today!

1. Analyze Current Content

Before you get into other tactics, it is important to have an understanding of the current state of your content. You can use a free tool like Google Analytics to run an analysis on your site to show your average CTRs. Using these results, you will able to see where your content stands, see what is lacking and what you come up with ways to optimise it for more desirable results.

2. Distinguish Your Keywords

One of the common reasons sites have low CTRs is because of using keywords that are too general. While going after keywords relevant to your audience is important, consider going for additional terms that are likely to set you apart from your competitors. Take the time to sort through keywords using the necessary tools to pick keywords with a low keyword difficulty but high search volume.

In addition, do not forget to use long-tail keywords. Nowadays, people type multiple words on search engines to get more specific results. In order to match such queries, include long-tail keywords in your posts. This will boost your chances of appearing higher on the search engine results pages.

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3. Page Titles

Titles hold more weight than most people realize. An engaging and concise meta title is one of the best ways to grab the attention of users and drive them to your page or website. Google, for example, will show an average of 50 to 60 characters for a title. Leverage this opportunity and use it wisely.

4. Meta Descriptions

Before an individual clicks on a link, they want to learn more about what they will be reading. After all, they do not have the time to go back and forth between websites. This is where meta descriptions come into the picture. These are snippets (usually 155 max characters) that give a brief explanation of what your post is about. Go may automatically make one for you, but it’s usually best to curate one that includes the primary keyword and explains why your page is worth the visit.

5. Localise

This aspect is especially important for small businesses. If you have a physical store or office, consider targeting keywords like "Bakery Near Me". This is a localisation strategy that can easily boost credibility with customers near you.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that whether CTR is a direct ranking factor or not, it is still smart to optimise for it. It all comes down to making your pages more appealing to your target audience and increasing the chances of clicks. And let’s be frank, a high click-through rate is a sign of a well-implemented search engine optimisation or marketing campaign.

Pay attention to what your target audience wants rather than what the search engines want. Any search engine optimisation campaign should include title tags, meta descriptions, relevant keywords and URLs that entice people to click on your pages. Keep in mind that this is not an overnight thing and it may take months to see the desired results. As such, do not rule out hiring a professional SEO agency.

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