Overview Of The Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2023

16th January 23

Receiving web traffic from search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google can prove to be a turning point for your website. And taking advantage of the correct keywords can reel in loads of traffic that subsequently result in more conversions. So, how will you structure your content such that it dominates search engine rankings, and outranks your competitors?

Continue reading to find out more about the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools you can use on your site to drive organic traffic and rank higher.

In addition to its functionality and usability, a big proportion of WordPress’s appeal is its expansive range of plugins. This collection of plugins can enhance your website in various ways, including SEO – which is among the key areas of concern for site owners nowadays.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) helps drive organic traffic to a website. WordPress SEO plugins complement inbuilt features on blogs and sites, making them more refined. These tools offer a range of functions and options for users to optimise their web pages. This way, meeting the strategy needs becomes easier. Using the right plugin on your website will improve overall site rankings on SERPs.

Following a HubSpot report, 61% of advertisers claimed that increasing their digital presence and improving SEO is their number one marketing main concern.

However, SEO can be relatively complicated – particularly for amateurs. But fear not; WordPress SEO plugins can bail you out. You can select from a range of plugins that will assist to upgrade your search ranking without needing to get into the technicality of it all. High-ranking WordPress SEO plugins make it easy and simple for you to run your WordPress sites using search engine optimization.

WordPress is essentially a content management system (CMS) that integrates with your website easily and comes with a range of features and tools that help execute optimisation strategies.

Why Are WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools So Powerful?

Most plugins come with separate versions that often take you to another site, which can be diverting. WordPress Plugins save you the hassle and give you all the information you need on one platform, instead of being redirected elsewhere. This subsequently enhances your performance and provides you with the WordPress correspondent of Hulk strength.

Additionally, with a wide selection of great plugins available, most of which are free, you can have an entire armoury of SEO weapons to literally blow your competition to kingdom come.

And the best part is that these plugins are compatible and work in tandem with each other. Therefore, you need not worry about likely issues that will cause a crash. There has never been a perfect time to jump aboard the SEO WordPress affiliate train!

What to Look For in a WordPress SEO Plugin?

SEO WordPress plugins improve functionality and add tools to your site. WordPress features a wide selection of SEO plugins to enhance the performance of your website and reel in more organic traffic.

Here are features to look for when choosing a WordPress SEO plugin that meets your unique needs:

Key fundamentals – There are WordPress SEO plugins that come with more effective tools to meet certain goals compared to their competitors. Ensure that you’ve read the specs of the plugin you’ve chosen to see if it satisfies your bare minimum requirements.

Ease of use – Assess your know-how and abilities to make sure that the plugin isn’t too hard for you to grasp.

Cost – Go for the plugin that is within the constraints of your budget. Choosing the more pricy isn’t always the feasible choice because chances are that you won’t utilise all the features and tools the plugin provides.

The best WordPress SEO plugins of 2023

yoast logo

1. Yoast


  • Meta editing
  • Linking suggestions
  • Implement schema
  • Popular tool


  • Premium version is a bit costly
  • The free version only allows one keyword per web page

Yoast is possibly the most in-demand and recognised WordPress SEO plugin, and comes in two sets: a paid-for advanced version and a feature-packed free version.

Among the most advantageous features of Yoast is its ability to curate meta-descriptions, headings, and page titles. This implies that instead of the post title governing the heading and page title, you can allot various ones for each. The upside in this case is the ability to use keyword alternatives between each instead of direct reiteration.

What’s more, the room to come up with a tailored meta-description implies that it is more likely to appear in search results instead of just a snippet of your next. For this reason, give a description that purposefully encourages clickthroughs.

Another upside is the ability to execute a schema to enable search engines to have ease accessing your site. Additionally, you can have greater control of breadcrumbs to assist with crawling and overall site structure. You can also use a one-click format to make a sitemap that aids with crawling.

The premium version encompasses these useful tools by giving extra support for video, news, local, and Woocommerce SEO. In addition to this, the premium version also allows content insights and internal linking suggestions centred on your frequently used keywords to ascertain you are targeting them properly. You also have the power to redirect URLs, which allows you to skip any ranking advantages to them instead of getting 404 error pages.

All in all, Yoast is easy to use and provides a powerful artillery of SEO tools, not to mention the very advantageous features found in both the paid-for and free versions of the WordPress SEO plugin.

all in one logo

2. All in One SEO Pack


  • Easy for beginners
  • API extends functionality
  • Redirect manager
  • Essential features


  • Priority support limited to Elite and Pro versions
  • Standard subscription allows usage on one website

The All in One SEO Pack is the earliest WordPress SEO plugin and is available in both paid-for and free versions.

The no-cost version comes with a wide selection of essential SEO features, like the power to tailor page headings and titles in such a manner that they vary, in addition to offering meta-descriptions for snippets on SERPs. Also, it enables you to manage URLs and features a convenient redirect tool that assists users to circumvent useless 404 web pages.

For newbies, the All in One SEO Pack features a wide range of pre-set configurations, hence you need not be concerned about these. Your content will be used to automatically generate a sitemap, and there are also extra RSS and image sitemap choices available.

More seasoned users can tailor these as they see fit, plus the All in One SEO Pack also features its own API to allow other themes and plugins to stretch its functionality. Besides all of this, The All in One SEO Pack is optimised to be compatible with WooCommerce.

The premium model increases the range of available features, with alternatives like the News sitemap module, Google Local Business SEO module, and advanced SEO options for Woocommerce. Furthermore, there is supplementary analytics and tagging alternatives for custom taxonomies.

Generally, the All in one SEO Pack is a well-known favourite for most, encompassing essentials without confusing issues for users. Although other SEO packs look to outperform it when it comes to the features, All in one SEO Pack remains to be a very effective and convenient WordPress SEO plugin.

rank math logo

3. Rank Math


  • Free plugin
  • Comprehensive features
  • Advanced install option


  • No income model
  • Features more tools than users require

Rank Math is a free-of-charge SEO plugin that comes brimming with loads of features from the beginning, some of them beneficial, while others not as very. Although there is presently no cost to use the plugin, the developers have reported that they will launch a premium version with additional features in the near future.

Rank Math can be found in this list of the top WordPress SEO plugins because it is easy to structure and utilise, although it comes with an advanced installation choice if you want to make your own personalised base configurations. Similarly to Yoast, you can frame various pages and heading titles, as well as structure meta-descriptions for attempting to manage text snippets. You also have an array of alternatives to control your site schema, along with assimilation with Google Search Console and other useful tools. Rank Math generally has more tools than users will require, and chances are that one won’t be concerned regarding features like Alex verification and MySpace URLs.

seopress logo

4. SEOPress


  • Social media focus
  • Feature-packed free version
  • Advanced Pro options


  • There are premium features that are given for free in other similar plugins
  • Support ticket assistance isn’t fast

SEOPress is another top WordPress SEO plugin, and similar to most plugins featured in this guide, it comes in two packages: a free version and an out-of-pocket pro version for premium users.

SEOPress comes with a standard layout to allow newbies to get started without mentally exerting themselves, however, settings can be curated for persons looking to handle them. As you would come to expect, SEOPress encompasses the fundamentals like being in control of the URL, heading, and page title for every standalone page, as well as coming up with distinct meta-descriptions.

But SEOPress places more of its attention on its social platforms compared to other WordPress SEO plugins. Other than linking your accounts, it also utilises Twitter Cards and the Facebook Open Graph to aid in sharing. The free version also has a slew of slick URL redirection and rewriting tricks.

When it comes to paid-for premium users, advantages comprise much more in-depth schema for organised data which can be automated or used manually. There is also a range of breadcrumb choices, and advanced redirects, in addition to incorporation with Google Analytics.

SEOPress is a highly-adept WordPress plugin that provides a broader range of alternatives for users. It even allows one to import their data from other WordPress SEO plugins, which enables users to switch in-between plugins if they wish.

Final Word

Running a successful SEO campaign is an uphill undertaking, and it has gotten even harder ranking SEO content in SERPs. To stand out from the rest, you’ll need to use tools and features that are outside the box enough to give you an edge over the competition.

The aforementioned WordPress SEO Plugins are the best for your site in 2023 and can help you outrank other similar sites for valuable keywords. This will subsequently lead to increased traffic and more clicks to your site, which means increased conversions and sales. Your images and content have auto-generated sitemaps, in addition to HTML navigation.

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